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New free3 version 0.8.0

We are very happy to annouce our new version of free3, now available under www.free3.tv and www.frei3.de ! We introduced several new features and technologies. We heavily clustered the app core to ensure maximum scalability. We moved post creation to the user are in a new user friendly modal. We introduced our new online image…

New domain free3.tv

The Kolibri team likes to share that we acquired the domain www.free3.tv to host our app on a relatable domain for an international audience. The free3 app will work the same and will be also multilingual as it was on www.frei3.de already. All the same functions and features will be available. It’s another door to…

First 10.000 Comments!

On free3 the first 10.000 comments were left. And we couldn’t be more happy about it! Thanks to all users for enganging and sharing this new platform with friends and familiy. We hope to reach 100.000 comments soon!

Welcome to Kolibri Cloud Media!

The CEO and the editorial team welcomes you on our new company website https://www.kolibrifelhok.hu/ Kolibri specialises in web services, such as programming and administration. Our main product is free3. Learn more here. Investors may also be interested to read our investor information. Welcome and have a great stay!